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sky buck
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Welcome to the home of Sky Buck!
I am a retarded unicorn, Pegasus child that is good a lots of stuff. :shrug:
I am the leader of the Thunder hooves, an team of elite ponies of all species. We are basically the wonderbolts of my homeland Alderon( a really crappy place to live). My father (cloud Buckner, see where I get my name), was q Pegasus, and tried to keep me in cloudsdale, my second home. My mother(Skyler shine) was a unicorn, and tried to make me stay on her family's farm in alderon. I now live in ponyville, as a monster tamer and a regional wonderbolt.

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The story of Cogs Fixmore"And that is how you use magic powder to- FIXMORE!" shouted a large bearded colt, with black hair and a silver mane. "Hunh?!" slurred the young foal, as he snapped out of his daydream. The foal was a hazel brown, with a dark brown mane, and eyes of the same color as his unoccupied flank. once again he had been thinking of that grey filly he saw flying around the courtyard of the steelmill institution yesterday. "what have you been so distracted by these past few days?" said the colt steely. "umm, well there's this filly and well um," mummbled cogs, blushing deeply. Colts of his age didn't usually mature that fast, and for him to already seeking out females wasn't normal. "Well get your shit together, and focus boy! I don't stand up here to hear myself talk!" Cogs muttered a reply, as his mentor continued to frown upon his work. Truth be told cogs was a brillent inventor, and amazing with machinery. But for some reason he would always end up causing trouble somehow. Wether it was setting goldfish in a bowl of water on fire, or just fucking up something important, cogs always seemed to get the blame. "well then you shouldn't mind this homework assignement." and the colt grabbed a large stack of papers and dropped them in front of cogs. cogs put the papers into his saddle bags and headed off to his dorm, without saying a word to his mentor. Cogs walked past the several test sites of the steelmill institution, lugging his saddelbags up several flights of stairs. (authors note: the steelmill instution is located on the boarder of Equstria and Alderon, and is a source of amazing new technology) Cogs oppened the door with his teeth, walked inside and plopped his saddles bags on the floor then kicked the door closed. His dorm was nothing special; a bed; refrigorator; toilet; tv; ect. But the one thing in cogs room that you wouldn't find in all the others would be the odd contraptions and video games he played with in his spare time. After watching television for a few moments, he decided that he better start on his homework. he sat down in front of his desk carrying the papers in his teeth. Even though cogs was good at this stuff, he was more of a 'hooves' on learner. "WHAT THee... fuck?" he muttered looking down at the charts and diagrams below him. Acording to the instructions he was supposed to figure out how to make a monster trap useing magic dust and water. But he just couldn't get his mind around it, so he dug his nose deep into a reference book. He barly noticed the shouts of a young foal fighting and sheriks of slayed monsters. BAM! cogs jolted feel out of his chair at the sudden sound, he looked up to see a grey colt with a yellowmane in the shape of lightning, with his face smashed up against the window, it became obvious there was a mare flying beside the colt but she was sightly hidden from view. The colt then appeared to mouth the words "open the window"- which was interupted by a wild growl. Both the ponies outside suddenly did a double take behind them then started pounding on the 5in. thick glass, shouting "LET US THE FUCK IN!". (AUTHORS NOTE: Alderon is like the Russia of the pony world; it is cold; crappy; full of assholes; and there are monsters, lots of monsters. which is why the windows are so thick.) cogs sprung to his hooves and quickly oppened the window, bpth ponies then zoomed inside, and cogs shut the window wnd closed the bilnds. A loud thump and roar filled the momentary silence, and then came the sound of wings thumping away. "Thank you for helping us." the voice of the black mare came ever sosweetly to cogs, that he blushed, which would only get worse when he tturned around to see her. The words that best discribe his reaction to seeing his future love for the first time: "DDDDAAAAAAAMMMMMNNN! THAT FLANCK!"The face that best desribes it::iconderpplz:
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[link] <--- i think i failed but let me no and add me on skype it would help
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